Einladung Brian Boru Trophy 2023

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Einladung Brian Boru Trophy 2023

Beitrag von Zensor Konfusius » Do 2. Feb 2023, 16:26

Jan van Embden <jan@cnmedia.ie>
An:van Embden Jan
Do., 2. Feb. um 16:19

Hi All,

I am pleased to confirm that the annual DBMM tournament for the Brian Boru trophy in Dublin will once more be taking place this autumn. To give participants as much advance notice as possible, I can confirm the details as follows:


Event: DBMM Competition for the Brian Boru Trophy 2023

Date: Saturday and Sunday, 21-22nd October 2023

Venue: Teachers’ Club (Club na Muinteori), 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1

Format: 2-day, 4-round themed 400 AP DBMM event

Theme: De Bellis Vanillis! - see below for more details


The theme for this year’s competition is: De Bellis Vanillis - 3000 BCE to 1525 CE

To be eligible for the competition, players can choose any army from any year within the specified time span of the theme (3000BC to 1525AD), provided that, other than General’s elements, the chosen list does not include any Superior (S) Class troop elements.

Points to note:

· The S troop exclusion means that any army with a requirement to include one or more minima of S class troops may not be chosen. For example, II/56 Early Imperial Romans cannot be chosen as they have a requirement to include a minimum of 8 x Reg AxS throughout their list period.

· Any army with a list option to classify a particular troop type as either S or another class may be chosen provided the non-S class option is used. For example, I/46 Kushite Egyptian may be chosen provided the compulsory Kushite chariots are classed as Irr KnO (rather than Irr CvS)

· Some armies may be eligible for inclusion if the specified year of their list does not require the inclusion of a minimum number of S troops. For example, IV/22 Serbian Empire are eligible up to 1340 as the list’s compulsory Serbian Vlastela are classed as Irr KnF in this period. The same list is not eligible after 1340 because the compulsory Vlastela must be upgraded to Irr KnS.

· While non-S class troops that can normally dismount as S class troops may be chosen, in accordance with the theme restriction, they are not permitted to dismount

· X class troops which, as specified by the rules, count as S class in certain circumstances, are permitted.


Players who submit their lists by Saturday 14th October 2023 will be eligible for entry in the draw for the door prize. I am the competition organiser and list checker. Lists can be submitted to me by email to: jan@cnmedia.ie


Registration will be at 9.45am on the Saturday, with the first game to begin at 10am. The competition will conclude with prize giving at 5.30am on the Sunday. The competition entry fee is €50


The current published version of DBMM (Version 2.1) and relevant associated army list books will apply. Note that tournament specific rules will be in force (see below).

Round Length: Each round will be 3 hours 30 minutes long, plus up to ten minutes added by, and known only to, the umpire

End of Round: When time is called for the end of each round, if one or more combats have been resolved, then resolve all outstanding combats before proceeding to calculating the final score. If no combats have yet been resolved, end the game immediately and proceed to calculating the final score.

Spot Prizes: Each round, a spot prize will be awarded to the first player to destroy an opposing general or baggage element, or to ‘break’ the opposing army. Note that in this context, the term ‘break’ refers to a player defeating the opposing army while his own remains undefeated. No player will be awarded more than one such prize.


The following tournament specific rules will also be in force:

Weather and Time of Day: These rules will not be played.

Terrain Removal and/or Adjustment: Instead of placing a single one FE feature, after all terrain has been placed, the invader may instead attempt to remove or adjust up to two previously placed features. He rolls one D6, with the following results:

1: No effect

2: Pivot one area feature up to 90 degrees

3: Move one area feature up to 4 base widths

4: Move one area feature up to 6 base widths or pivot one area feature up to 90 degrees

5: Remove one area feature

6: Remove one area feature and pivot another up to 90 degrees

Moved features are not subject to separation restrictions but must obey superimposition rules.

Further explanation of the Terrain Rule

The standard DBMM rules allows an invader to place up two FE worth of terrain features. The tournament rule gives the invader the option to forgo the placement of a single such, one-FE feature, in return for the opportunity to adjust and/or remove up to (depending on his die roll) two previously placed terrain FEs.

An invader taking this option is:

Considered to have used up one FE of his standard two-FE terrain placement entitlement. Therefore, if the invader takes this option, the defender is not entitled to place further terrain (in addition to his own standard four ME entitlement).

Is still entitled to place one FE worth of terrain as per the standard rules. Should an invader opt to use the trial rule, but not to use the remainder of his normal entitlement, then the defender is entitled to place further terrain as normal.

To ‘pivot’ a previously placed terrain feature, fix any point on the edge of the terrain piece and rotate the piece around this point. A feature is not pivoted on a centre point.

That’s it! I look forward to hearing from you in due course. In the meantime time, have fun pondering your army choice.

Best regards